The Impact of Interconnectedness

Aurora, Aidan and Sylvan go deep into the meaning of interconnectedness by explaining the influence of it and how it is used in the real world. They share their experiences of how interconnectedness at the Science and Math Institute has affected them, and how well it is expressed within their peers and school community. Sit back, listen, and enjoy!

Not Funny, Didn’t Laugh

Three pubescent teens from SAMI discuss about how comedy is used at their school. Connar and Ezra shares experience of comedy being used at school while Russel is reminded to talk during the podcast. Meme culture and Zoomer humor will also be ranted during this podcast. If you’re a teenage comedic genius, you should defiantly listen to this podcast because we’re not funny. 

We’ve Got Game

In this episode, Lily, Cole, and Kai discuss how the gaming culture at idea has groups intertwined. The groups talked about are the dance room smash bro gamers, the bottom of the stair’s tabletop gamers, and the art portable Wii gamers. What do the gamer’s play, and who is the gamer king at idea? Find out in this episode.

Black Lives Matter

This podcast is by Andrew, Dyana, and Loohche. In this podcast we talked about our point of view and our challenges of being an African American in public school, out of school, and just in general. We hope you enjoy our podcast and can learn something from it, but most importantly to be comfortable with who you are and where you come from.

The Return of Doctor Evil

In this Podcast, Amira is a student who finds Dr. Evil (played by Jimmy) in his Cryogenic Freezing Chamber right next to SAMI. She is making this Podcast so she has proof that she found Dr. Evil. She tells him what year it is and other trends right now and he explains the last thing he remembers before being frozen (in his point of view). Get ready for some hilarity, baby!  

The Uncertainty Found Within Certainty

In this episode Stella, Addy, AnJolina, and Derek delve into Sami culture and Gen Z culture in general. We discuss things like the classic Dungeons and Dragons alignment charts, zodiac signs, the memories we created with them, and how we as teenagers use them to develop certainty in who we are. We also tell stories from school and our everyday lives, as we talk about the positive and negative effects of flexibility and lack of planning.

An Insight Into the SOTA Squad

This episode our hosts Juli, Charlie, and Kuddy as they speak about the school culture and open campus. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be looking into the lifestyle of a SOTA student and learn their perspective about it, well you’re in luck because Juli, Charlie, and Kuddy are willing to talk about their experiences and culture. They start off with the school culture and how the open campus along with the problems that bring along. After that they move into the culture of gaming and how that affects the school and how in some environments this could be a problem.