Darren and Schafer speak about anti-heroes who attempt to redeem themselves of their former villainous doings. From supernatural beings such as Niklaus Mikaelson, to mad scientists such as Dr. Edward Richtofen. Exploring the reasons for changing to anti, and methods of redeeming.


Thank you to Warner Bros. Television, Activision, and Treyarch for generally making these characters.


Niklaus Mikaelson

Edward Richtofen

Is All Really Fair in Love and War?

In this episode, Aidan, Corra, and Barrett discuss how some of our favorite movie protagonists may actually be anti-heroes. The characters discussed are, Scott Pilgrim from the Edgar Wright adaptation movie, Star Lord from James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, and Deadpool from the Ryan Reynolds movies. What may cause them to act the way they do, and why may they not be as good as many previously perceived? Find out in this episode.

We’re All Going to Hell!!!

Supernatural revenge is perhaps the most dangerous type of revenge, because it can be sought out with supernatural powers and more time than a normal thirst for revenge. In this episode Tre, Isaac, and Natalie talk about three revenge seeking anti-heroes by the names of Dante from the game Dante’s Inferno, Doomguy and Doom Slayer from the Doom games, and Bobo del Rey from the show Wynonna Earp. Listen in and find out how these characters deal with their revenge using their supernatural abilities.

Fower Power

As Aly, Lucas, and Breeleigh discuss Fowers’ types of characters, they go into three specific characters that sometimes blur the line between the categories. Is Michael Scott a continent or incontinent character? How does Humbert Humbert push society’s notions of morality to the edge? How does Dexter’s character change from continent to incontinent through the series? Ultimately, how do we as a society define the traits and responsibilities of types of character?

What Makes the Hero “Anti”?

In our podcast we discussed Marvel antiheroes, DC antiheroes and how they are similar and different. At the end of the podcast we discuss our opinions on which company has the better antiheroes. We talk about antiheroes like Prowler, Red hood, Harley Quinn, Punisher, venom, Ghost rider, Deadpool, And the best antihero. Slipknot.

Maximum Effort

In this episode we will be talking about morality of anti-heroes Deadpool, and the Punisher, in whom both faced extreme loss and trauma. Morality is a definition created by society, and is used to show the different levels of a person’s character. Deadpool, otherwise known as Wade Wilson, has his own set of morals, which is turn is just a nice way of saying he has none. The punisher as well follows a term in which he sees people in black or white. Right and wrong. No in between.


The Punisher-


World’s Worst Boss

Is Michael G Scott the world’s worst or best boss?

In this episode Jake, Sam and Anna will be characterizing and talking about characters from the hit show The Office (US) which came out in 2005. In The Office it mainly seems like a chaotic mess but have you ever wondered if it was actually a strangely functioning system? Even with a childish boss, an office bully, a sad cheerleader it all comes together to create a dysFUNctional family.

The Non-Essentials

In this episode we will be talking about antiheroes that are less violent. Antiheros that aren’t as violent are green arrow, punisher, daredevil. Daredevil is not as bad as the green arrow and punisher. He is the

Least violent. Daredevils morals is to never kill just attack daredevil is also blind. The next anti-hero is

The green arrow who attacks and kills whoever has done him wrong or bad people or anyone who

Attacked his family. We also talk about his backstory and his family. We then talk about the punisher

Who is the worst out of all of them and he just constantly kills people all the bad people. He doesn’t attack he kills and make sure they suffer. He actually tried to kill daredevils girlfriend. He had a messed up past as well.