Fish Lovers Podcast

Have you ever thought about how Batman and Lord of the Rings are similar?


In this episode of Villain Studies we will be exploring the minds of two of our favorite fish-loving villains, Gollum, the creepiest creature from Middle Earth, and Penguin, the grossest villain of Gotham. These two villains may live in entirely different worlds, but they have some shocking similarities. We will be discussing their physical and psychological connections and how it affects their stories. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


Click here for more information on Gollum, here for more information on Penguin, and here for more information on Erickson’s hierarchy of needs.

One Reply to “Fish Lovers Podcast”

  1. I like that everyone’s voice is heard, and really good questions are asked. The conversations flow very well and are interesting to listen to.

    I would have enjoyed hearing more and the psychology could have gone even deeper.

    The editing and audio quality is really good and flows well. It’s actually satisfying to listen to.

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