Society: The Ultimate Villain

Carson and Brayden sit down to discuss how two characters from different media forms, Levana from The Lunar Chronicles and Carnage from Marvel comics, are psychologically the same. Topics include mass murder, manipulation, and other examples of something not quite right in the brain. If you thought these could only be achieved in literature, be prepared to hear some real world influences on these characters.


Many thanks to Marissa Meyer and David Michelinie for their works in creating these characters and allowing us to have these topics to discuss.

One Reply to “Society: The Ultimate Villain”

  1. I like how deep into the characters you get and how well thier stories are explained.

    There could’ve been a little bit more back and forth in the discussion, even though the back and forth was better than others. It would have been a little bit more engaging hearing a back and forth argument with more relatable questions.

    The audio quality is very clean, low noise floor and lack of reverb. Compressions and levels are very good too.

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